Revolutionary Guided Visual Therapy of Cancer Cell Elimination

Visions for Cancer Recovery DVD from Integral Visions

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In this break-through Integrative Visual Therapy program, graphic technology and scientific research combine to provide a vision of the body's essential healing process of cancer cell elimination, called apoptosis, along with deep-relaxation and stress-reduction techniques.

Visions for Cancer Recovery strengthens the mind-body connection as a revolutionary bridge between science, technology and the imagination.

With breathtaking footage, an original musical score, and narration by the program's creator Mary Hallman, the viewer is gently guided through the program from beginning to end. Its carefully crafted length of just less than 20 minutes allows for repeated viewing and optimal benefits.

From the time of diagnosis, through any prescribed medical treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, and as part of health maintenance, Visions for Cancer Recovery is a companion program to watch again and again. The program is not a substitute for any prescribed medical treatments.

Combining traditional western medicine with Integrative Medicine. Mary Hallman was first diagnosed with cancer in 1995. As a nurse who works in both integrative and traditional health care systems, she understood the importance of deep-relaxation and stress-reduction during her fight to recover. Throughout her treatment and recovery, she used a combination of Integrative Medicine and conventional Western Medical treatments to restore her health, including the use of imagery from the most essential level, the cell, to give her a vision for recovery and healing.

As a result of her recovery, Mary began investigating scientific cellular imagery. She found descriptions of cellular elimination, as well as light micron photographs that had parallels to the imagery in her mind's eye. Combining her personal experience with research of developments in science and visual technology, the concept for Visions for Cancer Recovery was born.

Mary's daughters Jennifer Russell and Molly Russell Ford joined their mother in the development of a program that would integrate and bridge concepts from scientific, natural and artistic fields. They formed Integral Visions with the philosophy that visualization strengthens the mind-body connection and promotes a state of health and well-being.

As a family who has been significantly affected by cancer, they understand the importance of support and hope. They wish to make this program widely available to anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis.

Mary Hallman is a consultant and speaker on mind-body practices and also works as an intensive care nurse at regional trauma center.

Jennifer Russell has extensive experience in film, television and radio production. She has produced arts and cultural programming for Public Television and currently produces cultural programming for Public Radio and Public Television.

Molly Russell Ford works nationally and internationally in fashion, media, advertising, film, television and the arts.

Visions for Cancer

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